Tuesday 30 Nov 2021
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Bishop’s Corner
Mission of the Baptised PDF Print E-mail


Holy Father Benedict XVI to the Bishops of Brazil on 4th of October 2010: 

"To present Christ and His kingdom in a respectful way to all Peoples - more than a right, is a duty of evangelisation".
 "The call to mission is not directed exclusively to a restricted group of members of the Church; rather, it is an imperative addressed to all the baptised, an essential element of their vocation".
 "The challenges of the current time could lead to a reduced view of the mission", the Holy Father observed. "Yet mission cannot be limited to a mere search for new ways to make the Church more attractive and capable of overcoming the competition of other religious groups or relativist ideologies. The Church does not work for herself.
She is at the service of Jesus Christ and exists to ensure the Good News is accessible to everyone. The Church is catholic precisely because she invites all human beings to experience new life in Christ. Mission, then, is neither more nor less than the natural consequence of the very essence of the Church, a service of the ministry of unity which Christ wished to achieve in His crucified body".


  • Does the Catholic Church in South Africa have still this Missionary Spirit that brought the Missionaries from far away countries to bring the Gospel of Jesus to people of Africa?
  • Are we not becoming like "maintaining church" to sustain what we have inherited without missionary enthusiasm and thrust, without joy of belonging to Jesus and sharing the treasure of faith with others?
  • What should be done to rekindle the Fire of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of leaders and all members?