Monday 21 Oct 2019
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Catholic Women's Union - AGM at Gamalakhe PDF Print E-mail

The Catholic Women's Union - CWU - has had on 24th May -overnight the AGM at Gamalakhe Parish, with Receiving of new members. Thanks to Fr Francis Mbele, their Chaplain and Fr Siyabonga Magcaba, together with St Martin de Porres Parish who were hosting us, as well our 2 seminarians - Mehluleli & Siyabonga.

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Sacred Heart Sodality - Jubilees celebrations PDF Print E-mail

The Sacred Heart of Jesus Sodality has celebrated the Jubilees of 25, 50 and 75 of membership in the Sodality, as well the launching of the 125 JUBILEE of the Founding of the Sodality at CENTOCOW MISSION in 1895. We are so grateful for their generous donation to the Education of our Seminarians of R150 000.00. May God reward all members who contributed to the building up of our diocese. Thanks to all priests and religious sisters and brothers who joined the celebrations.We also like to invite all members of Sacred Heart Sodality for the INTERNATIONAL/INTERDIOCESAN PILGRIMAGE to CENTOCOW MISSION - the place of Birth of the Sodality in 1895. The pilgrimage is on the Solemnity of Sacred Heart - 28th June 2019 (Friday) and starts at 15:00 with a prayer of Divine Mercy Chaplet, and continue overnight to Saturday Morning. Please bring warm clothes as could cold at that time.

link to facebook.

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Sacred Heart Interdiocesan Pilgrimage - 28-29 June 2019 PDF Print E-mail

An Invitation to ALL and especially to Members of Sacred Heart Sodality to go on PILGRIMAGE to CENTOCOW MISSION, in Umzimkulu Diocese, KZN - the Place of Birth of the Sodality to launch the 125 Years Jubilee of the founding of the Sodality - 1895-2020. The Pilgrimage will be on 28th of June 2019 - (Friday) on the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus - starting at 15:00 and to continue till the morning on 29th of June - (Saturday). Let's give thanks to Merciful Heart of Jesus for 125 years of the Sodality and for his Love for All People.

sacred heart pilgrimage 28june2019 poster

Sacred Heart Jubilee Celebration on 25 May 2019 PDF Print E-mail

All are invited to Umimkulu Diocese Celebration of Launching of Jubilee Year 125
of the founding of Sacred Heart Sodality at Centocow Mission in 1895.
The celebration will be at the Sports Centre Hall next to Gamalakhe
on 25 May 2019 at 10:00.


Chrism Holy Mass at Lourdes Cathedral PDF Print E-mail

Chrism Holy Mass & Renewal of Priestly Commitment at Lourdes Cathedral - Umzimkulu Diocese. May Jesus, the High Priest strengthen the priests and deacon in Umzimkulu Diocese and around the world.
We pray & wish our Priests and Deacons, new gifts of the Holy Spirit to be able to respond to new pastoral and life challenges of today's world.

In his homily during today's mass of the blessings of the oil Pope Francis said: "We are not distributors of bottled oil. We anoint by distributing ourselves, distributing our vocation and our heart. When we anoint others, we ourselves are anointed anew by the faith and the affection of our people. We anoint by dirtying our hands in touching the wounds, the sins and the worries of the people. We anoint by perfuming our hands in touching their faith, their hopes, their fidelity and the unconditional generosity of their self-giving."


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