Saturday 16 Jan 2021
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Youth Corner
Magna Carta of Values for a New Civilization PDF Print E-mail

(Info taken from A group of youth representing 20 countries presented a Magna Carta of Values at the United Nations in a session presided over by the retired archbishop of New York and the Holy See's permanent observer before the U.N..
(To read the full text of Magna Carta follow the link).
The World Youth Parliament, founded in 1991, created the magna carta, which was presented Aug. 13, after two years of preparation.
Cardinal Edward Egan, retired archbishop of New York, praised the initiative and welcomed it as a reference point for modern society. He emphasized that the magna carta addresses all of the major themes of humanity, particularly the rights to life and liberty, and is based on the spirituality of the person.
Prior to the official presentation of the magna carta, parliament youth had met at St. John's University in New York for two days of discussion and debate on the 10 principles outlined in the statement.
The final document is presented as a "statement of personal commitments," not a "social critique or a document to protest or demand rights." The magna carta does not reflect special interests, the youth explained, since the World Youth Parliament seeks "both the common good and solutions that benefit all as a whole, always with a predisposition toward self-sacrifice and generosity." Finally, it is "open to the participation of all young people and reflects their aspirations: This document makes visible the characteristics of the society that we young people aspire to build."
10 points
The magna carta addresses values ranging from the topic of the "human person open to transcendence," to family, education and the environment. Each of the sub-points in the 10 categories is followed by a commitment taken on by the youth.
For example, the youth affirm: "It is important that the family be founded on the marriage of one man and one woman, with children and members of different ages who share their lives, giving each one the respect which he or she deserves."
And they follow this affirmation with the commitment: "We commit ourselves to value all the members of our families in every situation, giving them honour and demonstrating an attitude of service or mutual support."
"All of us have the right to live in a clean and healthy place; moreover, we have the obligation to promote it," the youth affirm. And they pledge their commitment to "preventing the pollution of ecosystems, properly managing the waste we generate, and being advocates for a healthy environment for all."
Dialogue forum
The World Youth Parliament was established in 1981 by Fernando Rielo Pardal (1923-2004), founder of the Idente Missionaries and Idente Youth. The Idente spiritual family is made up of men and women, laypeople and clergy, celibates and married people. It was recognized canonically in Madrid, Spain, in 1994, and 10 years later by the Holy See.The youth parliament arose from a lecture the founder gave precisely at the U.N. headquarters.Pardal spoke of his vision that young people might be heard at the global level and thus offer a decisive contribution to social and spiritual issues. 

The youth parliament is now considering strategies for implementing the magna carta at a global level.
To read more about World Youth Parliament follow the link to website.

WYD - Days in the Diocese PDF Print E-mail

The program "Days in the Dioceses" (DID) will take place in the days leading up to World Youth Day. From August 11-15, 2011, many dioceses from Spain will offer programs to youth who are coming to participate in the WYD as an introduction to the events leading up to the World Youth Day.

The programs will vary from dioceses to dioceses and they will include cultural activities, historical lessons and moments of "fiesta", as well as a time for prayer and liturgical celebrations in the holy places and sanctuaries that form part of the religious identity of the particular place.

The DID began in 1997, when the WYD was held in Paris. The church in France decided to promote these meetings as a way to facilitate the pastoral activities among the youth in the dioceses of France. As a consequence, all of France welcomed the pilgrims coming from countries from around the world, in order to inspire the French youth to attend the WYD.

The Spanish dioceses will also open their doors to the pilgrims of WYD. The youth that want to participate will be able to learn about the richness of the Spanish culture as well as the rich Catholic tradition, of which the roots can be traced back to the apostles Paul and James. These two apostles came to evangelize in our country, probably when the Lord sent them out to the ends of the earth to preach the Gospel.

Spain is a nation of martyrs, saints and missionaries, that has given the Church figures such as St. Ignatius of Loyola, St. Teresa of Jesus, St. John of the Cross and most recently, St. Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer, etc. Whoever participates in the DID will be able to know in depth the history and culture of Spain, have days of communion with Spanish youth and also, spread the Good News of the love of Christ in our land.

The DID will conclude with mass on August 15th, the feast day of the Assumption of the Blessed Mother, in which the diocesan bishop will send the youth to Madrid to join the activities of the WYD.

The objectives of the program DID are very similar to the WYD.

1. A personal meeting with Christ that changes lives and fills them with joy, especially in the sacraments of the Eucharist and Reconciliation. 
2. A dynamic experience of the universality of the Catholic Church in communion with the spiritual fatherhood of the Holy Father. 
3. A rediscovering of the vocation to holiness given at baptism, as we are called to be active members of the Church, and responsible for the new Evangelization in the contemporary world.

Along with these objectives, the program of the activities will include distinct types of activities that promote:

Prayer: the youth will have an opportunity to participate in the Eucharist as well as time dedicated to personal prayer.

Solidarity: they will practice generosity and social responsibility, dedicating a few hours to help the Church in her outreach to the poor, also in contributing to helping solve the social problems in the differing places along with the local authorities.

Culture: the youth will learn about the many manifestations of Christian roots found in the Spanish Culture ("Faith creates culture", in the words of John Paul II) and also they will have a profound awareness of how previous generations used art as a means of evangelization.

And certainly, the youth will organize historical, sportive, musical, artistic and culinary activities as well. (taken from WYD website)

Message of Pope to the Youth PDF Print E-mail


Dear Young Friends,

... it is not hard to see that in every young person there is an aspiration towards happiness, sometimes tinged with anxiety: an aspiration that is often exploited, however, by present-day consumerist society in false and alienating ways. Instead, that longing for happiness must be taken seriously, it demands a true and comprehensive response. At your age, the first major choices are made, choices that can set your lives on a particular course, for better or worse. Unfortunately, many of your contemporaries allow themselves to be led astray by illusory visions of spurious happiness, and then they find themselves sad and alone. Yet there are also many young men and women who seek to transform doctrine into action, as your representative said, so as to give the fullness of meaning to their lives. I invite you all to consider the experience of Saint Augustine, who said that the heart of every person is restless until it finds what it truly seeks. And he discovered that Jesus Christ alone is the answer that can satisfy his and every person’s desire for a life of happiness, filled with meaning and value (cf. Confessions, I.1.1).

As he did with Augustine, so the Lord comes to meet each one of you. He knocks at the door of your freedom and asks to be welcomed as a friend. He wants to make you happy, to fill you with humanity and dignity. The Christian faith is this: encounter with Christ, the living Person who gives life a new horizon and thereby a definitive direction. And when the heart of a young person opens up to his divine plans, it is not difficult to recognize and follow his voice. The Lord calls each of us by name, and entrusts to us a specific mission in the Church and in society. Dear young people, be aware that by Baptism you have become children of God and members of his Body, the Church. Jesus constantly renews his invitation to you to be his disciples and his witnesses. Many of you he calls to marriage, and the preparation for this Sacrament constitutes a real vocational journey. Consider seriously the divine call to raise a Christian family, and let your youth be the time in which to build your future with a sense of responsibility. Society needs Christian families, saintly families!

And if the Lord is calling you to follow him in the ministerial priesthood or in the consecrated life, do not hesitate to respond to his invitation. In particular, in this Year of Priests, I appeal to you, young men: be attentive and open to Jesus call to offer your lives in the service of God and his people. The Church in every country, including this one, needs many holy priests and also persons fully consecrated to the service of Christ, Hope of the world.

Hope! This word, to which I often return, sits particularly well with youth. You, my dear young people, are the hope of the Church! She expects you to become messengers of hope, as happened last year in Australia, during World Youth Day, that great manifestation of youthful faith that I was able to experience personally, and in which some of you took part. Many more of you will be able to come to Madrid in August 2011. I invite you here and now to participate in this great gathering of young people with Christ in the Church.

Dear friends, thank you again for being here and thank you for your gift: the book of photographs recounting the lives of young people in your dioceses. Thank you also for the sign of your solidarity towards the young people of Africa, which you have presented to me. The Pope asks you to live your faith with joy and enthusiasm; to grow in unity among yourselves and with Christ; to pray and to be diligent in frequenting the sacraments, especially the Eucharist and Confession; to take seriously your Christian formation, remaining ever obedient to the teachings of your Pastors. May Saint Wenceslaus guide you along this path through his example and his intercession, and may you always enjoy the protection of the Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus and our Mother. I bless all of you with affection!

* * *

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